Mini Fighter introduces a new update that presents the Zombie Mode, a new character and a in-game event

CJ E&M Games has presented a new Zombie Mode for their 2D brawler MMO Mini Fighter Online.

Also players can fight back with a new character, Power Ryusei. To celebrate one of the biggest updates in Mini Fighter history, Netmarble is also hosting an exciting Slot Machine Event.
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- Power Ryusei
Armed with a bigger Saber and faster shurikens, Power Ryusei is back with a vengeance. This powered up Ryusei packs upgraded skills to deftly eliminate opponents. The event runs from July 7th to July28th. Obtain 9 Star or 12 Star Power Ryusei Card by fusion, and receive 3 million mifa and Power Ryusei’s High Skill Package as a prize.

- Zombie Mode
- Zombies vs Mini Fighters battles will take place in the Battle Room.
- When a player is defeated by zombies, he will be transformed into a zombie.
- When all players are transformed to zombies, the battle ends and the zombies win.
- If there is a single survivor remaining, the Mini Fighters win.

- Slot Machine Event
- Event Period: July 7th – July 28th
- Every 20 minutes, all players will receive a coin for the slot machine.
- Use your coin, pull the handle and win amazing items from the slot machine.
- Prized items include 4 Star Gems, 9 Star Gems, [Minor] Siege HP & MP Potions (5pcs)
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