MicroVolts: Varsity Volts update launched today


Rock Hippo Productions Launches today a new exciting update for MicroVolts, their cartoon-style third person shooter. Varsity Volts, this is the name of the update, brings on the table a lot of new school-themed weapons, parts and outfits.

You can join the school sport clubs thank to the brand new uniforms. Tennis, soccer, volleyball, you just have to choose one. And talking about weapons, your arsenal will grow thanks to crazy things like drawing pencil, tennis rackets, volleyball grenade launchers and much more.

Another news regarding the Varsity Volts update is the arrive of the Micro Points Capsule Machine. With this machine all the players can use their micro points for take a spin on this incredible machine and have a chance to win ultra rare weapons and parts.

Source of informations: Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. press release.


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