MicroVolts its going to be launched this June 9

Rock Hippo Productions Ltd has announced that MicroVolts, is officially going live on June 9, 2011.

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Since many players have already started their own clans, Rock Hippo decided it’s about time these clans received a home: the new Clan Hall is the place to create, manage, or join a clan and compete to see who’s best of the best in the MicroWorld.
A new map is going to be revealed on June 9, players can also look forward to a new character set, new weapons, and new costumes.

The official release of MicroVolts also sees the grand opening of the new online shop: Here players will find exclusive weapons, parts, accessories, items, and sets to help make their character truly unique. On Saturday June 18, 2011 the “Free the Hippo” Tournament will take place. The winners of this Free For All tournament are looking at a ton of Micro Points and a Hippo-In-Style character set as prizes.

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