Metin2 Update and Events

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Metin2 Update and Events

Gameforge publisher for

• Client-based MMORPG
• Oriental Action MMO
• Developer: Webzen
• Publisher: Gameforge
• Key features:
o With the dynamic combat system, players can hit multiple enemies with a single powerful blow and conduct lightning fast attacks
o PvP and PvE are possible
o Players

can choose between different mounts and pets
o Guild system
RECAP 2019
March – 91.1 Update
With the first bigger update of the year, the fishing system was completely renewed. The chance of successfully catching a fish was increased and the fishing-mini game, as well as fishing rewards were updated.
Next to the fishing update, there were also two events happening: The Easter event and the sushi event.
April – 19.2 Update
Next to a new mini game called “find the same monster”, April also brought along new upgrading for gear and the Ramadan event with costumes and a pet. As Ramadan always is a big event in Metin2, two new servers were also started in turkey: the first server invited players to start completely new and the high-level players were able to transfer their chars to the second server.
June- 19.3 Update
In order to be able to fight the fires this summer, players were offered a lot of new content:
A firefighter costume was introduced, a new frost beetle pet was offered and new high-level dungeons were created. These dungeons are only playable for users who already reached level 110.
July - 19.4 Update
July brought along a new costume, called Aura costume which gets upgraded and increases stats.
A new guard compass allows users to locate a boss in a maze dungeon.
The biggest renewal with this patch was the pet resurrection: Pets in the pet system before ran out of time and died, with the new item now they can be revived which was not possible before.
August – 19.5 Update
The Indian Summer patch made it possible to participate in daily quests and to shape shift your mount. With that, players now can choose their favourite forms of mount.
September – Blood Ritual Event
Once a year, "Bloody Month" appears in 3 empires. The sky is painted in the red colour of blood, instead of water blood flows the river and a huge altar is summoned to the middle of each major village. In order to collect rewards, the players had to kill monsters and offer their souls to the altar.
OUTLOOK REST OF 2019 German Unity Day Celebrations
Flower Event
Following hot on the heels of the guild update, the Flower Power Event makes a return! Players get the opportunity to collect flowers, receive loot (in the form of boxes) and benefit from buffs to attack damage, defence, critical hits, item drop rate or experience rate.
When the event is active, players have the chance to receive packets of seeds which contain one of five possible sprouts at random. The packets can drop when killing monsters.
How it works:
• 10 sprouts of the same type can be exchanged for 1 of 5 respective flower boxes
• 10 sprouts can be exchanged into a flower box by right-clicking the stack
• Players can right-click the flower boxes to get a reward from the respective reward list. Boxes cannot be dropped, traded or sold in player shops, but they can be sold at the NPC shop
By using one of the flowers, players can get a buff which can be upgraded up to level 5 and will last for 12 hours. Depending on the flower, the buffs have different effects: Buff Name Effect Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Effect Time May Bell Attack value 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12 hours Sunflower Defence 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12 hours Lily Item drop bonus 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 12 hours Daffodil EXP bonus 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 12 hours Chrysanthemum Critical hit chance 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 12 hours
Wheel of Celebration To coincide with the Flower Power Event, players will be able to spin a special new wheel of fortune. This wheel will be packed with rewards from the flower event in the jackpot and with seed packets for flowers in the fillers.
On top of the Flower Power Event and the Wheel of Celebration, there will be a 25% discount on starter packages as well as a 100% EXP Event during the long German Unity Day weekend. In the shop, players can also buy a new box containing useful buffs to speed up their levelling and enhance their combat strength.
Halloween Event
Starting mid-October, the Halloween Event will introduce some new costumes and hairstyles, as well as a mount and pet. Players will also be able to play a Halloween Event minigame.
Guild Update
With the new Guild System update, guild members can conduct PvE raids and take advantage of a new medal system (Medals of Bravery) that can be used to buy elemental weapon enchantments and gems.
The new instance “Palace of the Dragon King” will be a challenge to all guilds! With the help of various materials, guild leaders can craft a Royal Key with which the Medal Keeper can create a Dragon Portal to the palace. Depending on the guild level, players must fight against opponents of differing strengths, as well as against one of the powerful Dragon Kings.
Speaking of guild levels: with the new update it will be possible to climb to level 40! To do so, from guild level 21 players need to contribute guild EXP through donations of Yang or Medium/Large Donation premium items.
On top of all that, guilds can also receive Medals of Bravery, a new guild currency that can be acquired through guild raids, donations or daily guild attendance. These medals can then be spent at the new shop.

Source: Gamefroge - Metin2

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