MechWarrior Online receives new combat mode, mech and map

Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing have just announced the introduction of  several new features to MechWarrior Online. The free-to-play MMOTPS now allows for 12 vs. 12 match combat and offers a new mech and a new map as well. The official 1.0 launch is scheduled for later this summer.

The 12 vs. 12 matches provide a completely new way to play the game while the chance to obtain double XP for the first win of the day allows pilots to jump in and leap ahead in mastering their Battlemech’s abilities. With Golden Boy, a new Hero Mech is also available. It sports a 30 percent C-bill bonus, three SRM-6’s, two SRM-4’s and four medium pulse lasers.

In addition, Terra Therma, an environmentally terrifying new map, now offers players the opportunity to test thermal limits in combat. On this tumultuous moon, pilots will be faced with ever-changing tectonic activity and violent volcanic eruptions. Rich in natural resources, Terra Therma is a valuable outpost and the battle for its resources will be as vicious as the landscape itself.

"The 12 vs. 12 gameplay changes combat dramatically," said Bryan Ekman, creative director at Piranha Games. "Players now have a deep bench of options for a variety of strategies, more creative attacks and defense schemes and can alter their combat strategies in greater variety for each environment. This is true MechWarrior combat."

Source of information: Infinite Game Publishing press release.

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