MechWarrior Online, new patch and news on april’s update


MechWarrior Online launched today a new patch which adds to the game some new variants of last week’s Hero Mech, the Highlander Mech, which smashed all previous Mech sales records. Moreover, starting from today, players will be able to buy limited edition "Champion" mechs in the Mech Lab. Inspired by fan requests, the first Champion Mech, “Dragon”, comes equipped with a high end fan-assigned load-out fully equipped and optimized for long range dps/heat efficiency.

Piranha Games has also unveiled some juicy details on the next big content update, coming out in April, which will see the implementation of in-game Commanders, Lance Leaders and overall Lance structure – this update is considered the key pre-cursor to 12 v 12 matches which will go live later this spring.

Source of information: MechWarrior Online press release

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