May Update for Hounds: The Last Hope


May sees how a new update arrives in Hounds: The Last Hope. The new content update brings three new PvP maps, new challenge level missions, changes to the random boxes and an update to the Kill-point sub mission.

If you are interested in this game, check out our first look video and our review.

This patch introduces three new PvP maps ( Underground Waterway, Train Station and Closed Factory) for the Warzone, Sabotage and Close Combat modes, and a new map for the Challenge mode (Street map) that will allow players to earn new items.

All Challenge Missions and Intermissions have now new bonus Challenge Level quests and rewards. Completing these bonus missions will award new rewards at every turn.

In addition, the rate of Legendary Find Rate for Random Boxes has been significantly increased. The overall rates of legendary items have been increased three times for all available Weapon and Armour Random Boxes.


Hounds shot 4 Hounds shot 3 Hounds shot 2 Hounds shot 1

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