Hounds: The Last Hope

Hounds: The Last Hope

GENRE: Free to play MMOFPS
DEVELOPER: Netmarble


A free to play MMO FPS Hounds: The Last Hope sees players step into the shoes of The Hounds/Delta Squad, a human taskforce that are fighting to save the world against the alien Wickbroke invaders.


Intense combat action
Multiple PVP modes and maps
Extensive co-op PVE campaign mode
Customize your gear, weapons and abilities
Create or join a clan
Free to play


Earth has come under attack from alien invaders, plaguing the Earth with a virus that has turned many of the populous into mindless flesh eating “Infected” that have ultimately brought on the downfall of civilization. These alien invaders seek the complete decimation of the world, but humankind won’t be so easily disposed of and now humankind is fighting back.


The game is a classic MMOFPS with next gen graphics and an exceptional blend of PVP focused arena battles and long story-driven co-op campaigns for random groups and friends to work alongside each other progressing the games storyline. Players can choose from four primary classes and customize their weapons, items and abilities to achieve the type of character they prefer to play as.


There are four character classes available in the game:

Assault – using a huge metal riot shield as his main line of defense he provides cover for both himself and his allies when the bullets start to rain down and firing using his shield pistol. With a number of unique skills such as Rush, Sonic Wave and Poison Shot they are deadly solo and within a group

Tech – able to provide some huge firepower with their Grenade Launcher there are also able to drop ammunition supply tools, sentry guns and shield generators as their main skills, making them an ideal offensive and support role character

Specialist - all-out offensive with a huge unstoppable Minigun the Specialist is a bomb master able to wreak havoc and destruction on a battlefield and against enemies, they use Smoke Grenades and HP Recovery Resonators to offer a little extra support to their team members

Support - found on the backline this combatant uses a Sniper Rifle to bring death from a distance, keeping their position safe using a variety of Impact Mines, Freezing Grenades and an Enemy Detect Fire tool to see where enemies are and locating them quickly


As players level up and earn AP currency they can acquire a variety of upgrades and modifications for their weapons, providing new abilities such as the Grenade Launcher’s Neurochemical Shot that poisons the targets for damage over time or the Shield Pistol’s Smoke Cover that immerses the user in smoke to give them concealment from enemy fire.


Combat is extremely high action, with the ability to interact with your terrain features by opening doors, moving crates, leaping barriers and more. Players can use their firearms or quickly use their melee attack if they have enough stamina to instantly drop their targets. When “killed” players in a team will have a few moments where team mates can bring them back into the game if they are fast enough.


There are a handful of game modes to choose from, focusing on team based combat players can either fight in a standard Team Deathmatch in Warzone where players must battle against each other acquiring points for each kill, Sabotage where one team is tasked with planting and explosive at a bomb site and the other team must defend, or even Close Combat where players must fight to the death using knives only.

There are numerous maps available in PVP that will offer a range of up close combat situations and long ranged sniper fire; depending on the chosen game mode different maps are available such as Harbor where players will fight through a pier area filled with large open warehouses and long corridors, or Makati City where an entire city district has been partially destroyed and teams must navigate the streets or take advantage of the pedestrian bridges to gain vantage points into adjacent buildings.


The PVE campaign is extensive, featuring a number of missions that players must unlock as they progress the storyline, complete with normal or challenge mode and even a Sub-Missions and Boss Missions for extra fun and rewards. Players can take on missions solo, but many will prove difficult to tackle alone, and so players can jump into each other’s missions and fight in a co-op against the AI.




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