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To bring our first day of GamesCom to a close we sat down with the CEO of Gazillion and original creator of the Diablo series David Brevik to get a look at the new updates for Marvel Heroes 2015. For those unaware the game is an action RPG set in the Marvel universe where players can step into the shoes of literally dozens of different Marvel heroes and explore a vast world working solo or together with other players to take down all manner of threats from some of Marvel’s biggest villains.

We first saw the game back at GamesCom 2012, had the chance to meet the guys in London last year and now got to sit down once more to see what was new with the game that had now been rebranded as Marvel Heroes 2015 to emphasise the huge changes that are made with the game.

Heading off the meetings Brevik highlighted that Raids have been added into the game, the first Action RPG to do so, starting with Muspelheim where players fight against such enemies as Lord Brimstone and Lady Hellfire, an interesting “sibling” mechanic where as you continue to fight one of them you stack a debuff that lowers your damage (to a max of 100% damage mitigated) and so players must switch between the two bosses.

There are new One-Shot events, one of which being the Bronx Zoo and revolves around Lizard and Mr Hyde where Mr Hyde combines his own transformation formula with Lizards’ mutagen and mutates the inhabitants of the zoo. Beautiful new environments and locations including an impressive tunnel aquarium players will pass through and a whole host of new enemies.

A new game mode called Brooklyn Patrol (similar to Midtown Manhatten) where players can work together to complete quests and players face multiple options on how they complete a mission. As well as this there is an Achievements feature that will be added in soon, literally hundreds that range from multi-step achievements as similar to other games that revolved around difficult, fun or challenging achievements that give rewards.

With the onset of Guardians of the Galaxy be released soon the devs have already got lots of content in the game, including the six main characters; Rocket Racoon (who was already in the game) that has been enhanced to have Groot as his pet companion and has a new Mecha ultimate where he jumps into a huge walking tank. Star-Lord is a new added playable character whereas Gamora, Groot and Drax are all team-up companion characters; the looks available are from the classic cartoons to the movie versions.

One of the other more interesting features for us was the inclusion of X-Mens Rogue as a playable character, in the comics Rogue is able to steal other mutants’ powers and so required a completely new mechanic to be created for her implementation within Marvel Heroes. Players will be able to collect powers from all manner of AI enemies (including Raid bosses) and other players and use them to create their own unique version of Rogue, switching between the powers that they have collected. Finally players will also be able to play as the first playable villains, Juggernaut, Magneto and Venom being the first to join the extensive cast of over 40 current heroes/classes!

We recorded this meeting, so feel free to watch it right here. Also, in case you are interested, we'll be publishing an interview with David Brevik very soon.


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