MapleStory presents Big Bang its latest update

MapleStory introduces its new update, Big Bang.

The expansion will thrill players with a whole new experience. With this first update, players will be able to step out into the Maple World as heroes who can level up much faster than ever before.

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Skills and monsters have been rebalanced, allowing players to rediscover the game with focused skills and familiar monsters. In addition, players will enjoy a higher graphical resolution, allowing them to experience a visually richer Maple World.

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Other changes include a complete user interface revamp, making Maple World simpler, neater and easier to navigate - a true overhaul to the entire game.

Between 21st July and 25th August, the “Welcome Back” event will reward new players with amazing items for their first and second job advancements. More experienced players can look forward to get a custom Evolving Ring, plus special items that will help with later adventures when the next update comes. Lastly, to celebrate the extensive update with everyone, all characters will be able to start fresh by resetting all the skill points for each of their characters for free, and tailor their gameplay to their newly discovered play style.

The 2nd Big Bang update, the “Rise of the Resistance”, will be released on 4th August, introducing two new job classes. The 3rd and final installment of Big Bang, the “Birth of the Mechanics”, will hit in another three weeks time on the 25th of August, with an exciting job class never seen in MapleStory before. With all the new additions to the game, players of MapleStory won’t forget this eventful summer.

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