MapleStory has presented Ascension, its next content update

Maplestory has announced a new content update this month, Ascension that comes with a wedding revamp, a class rebalance, party quests and new a Monster Park.
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With the Ascension update, Nexon has remaked the wedding system, once players make their vows, they can team up and battle through Ascension’s brand new party quests, which have been balanced for more efficient leveling.

In addition this expansion introduces the Ice Knight battle mode, a personality trait system and more, and the party quests for players itching to level up with their guild mates. The Monster Park, which is owned and operated by the friendly and ambitious Speigelmann, swarms with monsters both familiar and new. Players who progress through the story will learn that Speigelmann has ties to some of the most powerful monsters in the game, and the park may be more precarious than initially believed.

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