Magicka is receiving a new upcoming update, Magicka: The Stars are Left

The popular co-op action/adventure game Magicka is receiving a huge tech overhaul for the game engine itself and game balance improvements, in anticipation of Magicka’s upcoming Lovecraft-inspired campaign.Magicka: The Stars are Left

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Any players who have purchased Magicka will receive, at no charge, this much-asked for update, which adds the ability to resume game progress from check points instead of starting over at the beginning of a chapter, incorporates the ability to revisit previously completed chapters, and, for the soloists, adds a fairy familiar that will revive players when they perish during campaign mode.

Full details for what is featured in the game engine update:
• Chapter select added to replay previously played chapters
• Fairy familiar added, revives characters after death occurs in solo campaign
• Physics and collision detection improved - less falling through the floor
• Checkpoints now save progress even if game is quit
• Several improvements to the server browser
• Frame rate stuttering - should be less noticeable for some users
• Extended particle system with particle lights
• Improved light performance
• Several minor bug fixes, game balance, and tweaks

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