Maestia launches its update Skyes of Palus

Gravity Interactive, has launched the new content update of Maestia, Skyes of Palus, which comes with an increase in the maximum level, a new zone and a lot of new features.

Skies of Palus arrives with new dungeons, raids, and battlefields. Also from now, the players can queue for instanced PvP at the level cap, square off against dangerous foes in raid bosses by retuning the encounters to make it extremely challenging and unforgiving for unprepared parties, and test their mettle against three new top-tier instances.

Maestia is fantasy free-to-play and our players can now customize their Heroes. Skies of Palus will a new dungeon instance with two sets of difficulty,” said Alex Kim, Producer for Maestia at Gravity Interactive US Office. “Also included will be an expanded skill tree for every class that will give players new skills for these new encounters!

Source of information: Gravity Interactive press release.

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