Luna Plus Announces Public Test to Launch December 24th

Luna Online is thrilled to announce the public test for their much anticipated release of Luna Plus, later this January. The public test will start on December 24th and run through January 7th.

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Players can expect this to be a fun-filled event, as they will be given access to all the content, zones, and levels available in Luna Plus, while also enjoying drastically increased experience and drop rates and GM lead tours!

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Luna Plus offers players a level cap increase from 120 to 150, complete with additional job changes and a new race at level 40. Additional content includes seven new high level zones and dungeons with brand new monsters, NPCs, story arcs, and raid bosses, as well as a new weekly guild vs. guild Castle Siege!

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But that’s not all - Luna Plus also introduces new eight-person mounts and amazing new combat pets! Now you and your friends can take a ride on a snail or UFO while also levelling your new Baby Golem or Robot Tractor!

With Luna Plus, it’s the Luna you love, plus new zones, new homes, new pets, new mounts, new features and more!

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