Lucent Heart is going to begin its open beta in north america, June 21th

Gamania Digital Entertainment has announced that Lucent Heart, its zodiac-inspired social MMORPG, will begin its Open Beta in North America on June 21.

Opening its doors to both old and new players for a final round of testing, Gamania invites everyone to join the numerous events that will be running, meet its friendly community and GMs, and get a feel for its uniquely social gameplay. This will be a “no wipe” beta, meaning players will get to keep their account and characters.

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Lucent Heart’s GMs are awaiting players in-game and will be running tons of events and competitions for players to participate in throughout the beta, with many prizes to be won.

· Q&A with the Staff/GMs
– Fans can meet the Staff and GMs in Thereall’s Peace Tower. They’ll be standing near Cupid, ready to answer players’ questions or just to chat.
· Stories of Stickers – Fans can win a Lucent Heart E3 sticker from Lucent Heart Star Vanessa by using the in-game manga maker to create a manga page featuring the player with Vanessa.
· Fighting off Invasions – Players can join in to protect Thereall from numerous invasions, like fighting off Goddess Cadena’s minions before they can take over.
· Community Competitions – From Grand Prix races crowning the fastest in Acadia to hilarious “Battle of the Sexes” competitions, the GMs will be running community events that everyone can enjoy (with prizes).

“We are very excited to be stepping into the next phase of testing for Lucent Heart,” said David Wong, COO of Gamania. “The community has been extremely active so far; we have noticed they seem to enjoy hanging out together with our GMs as much as questing and raiding dungeons. It’s turning out to be a very unique game in that respect, we can’t wait to see where it goes from here.”

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