Lucent Heart is coming to UK and mainland Europe

Lucent Heart, is to begin its quest in the UK and mainland Europe this summer.This free to play game has enjoyed enourmous success in Asia, winning multiple awards in Japan.

Based in the beautiful land of Acadia, Lucent Heart tells the story of two sister deities: Theia, the goddess who bears the powerful Lucent Heart, and Cadena, her corrupted sister who was led astray by the Dark Goddess Hecate. Although Hecate has been sealed away for many years, the Dark Goddess Cadena and her minions will stop at nothing to keep peace from returning to Acadia. As the Goddess Theia searches for her sister, eager to restore the goodness within her, Cadena uses her dark magic to strike out against humanity, sending hordes of monsters and chaotic disasters upon the land. Long ago, the Goddess Theia asked you to help restore peace to the land.

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Lucent Heart distinctively combines its anime style with inspiration from the zodiac and greek mythology. When players develop their own characters, they don’t simply decide between a Warrior or Mage specialing in crafts or quests, the players’ entire adventure will be influenced by their zodiac star sign. Each day, Lucent Heart announces a horoscope prediction specific to every player, which foretells how their character’s abilities, such as their fortune in battle or love, will be affected. With the power of the zodiac influencing their quests, regardless how players approach the game, their destiny is not always in their own hands. The question is: will players be brave enough to enter this world and embrace the Lucent Heart?

Lucent Heart will be Gamania’s first game launch into the UK, and mainland Europe, and with it, their unique take on in-game social interaction reaches a new level. Like many online MMORPG’s, players travel the lands meeting new players. Some will become friends, some enemies, but Lucent Heart demands a little more than that. Invited by the love-god Cupid, players can be matched up by, amongst other things, compatible star signs. This match-making process brings together players from all backgrounds where lasting friendships, and sometimes love, can blossom. If love blooms even further, players can marry in-game with a full church wedding inviting all of their friends!

Lucent Heart will shortly begin its Sneak Peek Beta testing in March 2011 so, if there are players brave enough to see how their destiny will unfold, they can “Like” Lucent Heart UK on Facebook where they can see, hear and feel the magic of Acadia and be the first to experience the power of Lucent Heart!

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