Lots of new events are arriving to Hellgate Global

After the successful release of Hellgate Tokyo, Hellgate Global is rewarding its players with tons of new challenges.

This events are going to challenge both new and veteran players of Hellgate Global and will surely keep them busy fighting and hunting during this upcoming month.

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Last Guild Standing – It is now time to see which guild in Hellgate Global has the fastest reflexes, the strongest team synergy, and the best builds. Team up with your guild mates and battle with other guilds to finally determine who will be the Last Guild Standing.

Breaking the Curse – This event is only available to players who have access to the Curse of Dawn mode. Players are tasked with killing Imhotep and Anaksunamun. As long as this is done in Nightmare Mode, players are allowed to finish the event in either solo or group play.

Boss Time Attack: New Challenge – Tokyo bosses await players who are willing to take up the challenge. The trial is well worth it, because mod preservatives and skill reset items shall be given out as rewards.

This October, Hellgate Global will be bringing back four events designed to aid players in their struggle against the demonic invasion from Hell! The following events will be returning:

- The Lucky Coupons – Farming has never been so rewarding. With the Lucky Coupon event, which will last until the second week of October, players have the chance to drop these coupons when defeating champion monsters. Upon collecting a specific amount of coupons, players may exchange them for luck boxes, giving players the chance to receive rare in-game items!

- Level and Be Rewarded – Every experience received and every level gained will not be in vain. Once a player reaches a specific level, players are rewarded with in-game items.

- Daily Supplies – Supply Soldier Teo never fails to help new recruits in mankind’s battle against demons from hell. Every day, Supply Soldier Teo will give away supplies to all players of Hellgate Global.

- Condition EXP Bonus – Every day for the first hours after logging-in, players will be given an EXP bonus.

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