LOTRO, update 11 is coming on may 13


Warner Bros has announced the official launch date for Treachery of the White Hand, the update 11 for The Lord of the Rings Online, its free-to-play MMORPG set in the Middle Earth.

LOTRO - Writhendowns 03

In this new content update players will  explore the region of Wildermore while continuing the Rohan storyline. A deadly winter hits the area, caused by a Stone giant controlled by Saruman, and players will have to help the population to restore this once thriving region. While fighting for Rohan, they will have the chance to explore some new areas such as Whitshaws, High Knolls, Writhendowns, The Fallows,

LOTRO - Writhendowns 01LOTRO - Whitshaws 04LOTRO - Whitshaws 03LOTRO - Whitshaws 02


LOTRO - Fallows 05LOTRO - Balewood 04LOTRO - Balewood 03LOTRO - Balewood 01


The update 11 also brings new fresh content and fixes, like a revamped mounted combat, the Silver Hobbit Presents, new VIP benefits and more.

Source of information: Warner Bros press release


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