LOTRO, the Against the Shadows update is coming


Warner Bros has released some new details about the new instances that will become available with the upcoming update for Lord of the Rings Online, called "Against the Shadows".

The Bells of Dale [6-man]: Help Brand ring the city bells and hold the line against enemy forces while the townsfolk begin their retreat to the safety of Erebor.

Road to the Lonely Mountain [12-Man Raid]: You must protect the people of Dale on their flight to the Lonely Mountain. Seeking to prevent a length siege, the enemy will surely move to crush the exposed defenders before they reach the dwarven stronghold.

The Fires of Smaug [12-Man Raid]: Safely inside the massive gates of Erebor, the men and dwarves of the north are prepared to withstand a long siege. However, scouts have reported the Easterlings constructing a large pyre near one of the mountain vents that billows with dark, noxious gas. Slay the Easterlings and destroy the pyre before the toxic smoke fills the mountain.

The Battle for Erebor [12-Man Raid]:  Become the champions of Erebor and slay the towering Olog-hai, driving the Easterlings from the north forever!

In addition, with this update all the istances scale to accommodate players from levels 65-85 and the Dunhoth raid has been split in 3 separate more challenging encounters.

Source of informations: Warner Bros press release


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