Lost Ark CB3 in Korea

Lost Ark MMORPG Free-to-play
Lost Ark Closed Beta at least in Korea will be a Free 3D MMORPG game

SmileGate RPG, has already started the third and last Closed Beta of Lost Ark in South Korea.

This CB3 will last until June 5, 2018, the date of the Open Beta of Lost Ark in Korea is not yet known.

Accessing the CB of Lost Ark in Europe and America has not been and is quite complicated, but we can see several videos of this last closed Beta the third.

Video Streaming of Lost Ark Online Closed Beta 3 in Korea.

Lost Ark Crazy Heretics Field questing & Dungeon Final CBT

Although we are sure we will see many more new videos of Lost Ark in the coming days, Smilegate has recently released a trio of official videos of Lost Ark that show some skills of the following classes:

Bard, Hawkeye and Soul Master. Although we already knew the Bard

Lost Ark MMORPG Free-to-play

The other two classes are making their first appearance in this closed beta version, which will bring even more new content, including a deeper NPC relationship system and a graphic renovation, six new guard raids and 30 new islands, among other things.


Lost Ark MMORPG Free-to-play

The open beta version of the Korean Lost is scheduled for this year, while China should receive this game in 2019 thanks to Tencent.

I bet we will get an English version of Lost Ark at the end of 2019 or very likely in 2020, but there is nothing official yet, we will keep you informed.

Lost Ark is a fantasy 3D RPG style action RPG MMORPG and a huge world to explore (playerbase TBD).

Embark on your own ship to discover new regions and fight powerful bosses with memorable attacks. Lost Ark offers a feature-rich game experience combined with stunning visual effects and skills.


Pros of Lost Ark:

- Fast-paced RPG action game.

- Strong emphasis on exploration.

- Varied class options.

- Great visual effects and attention to detail.

Cons of LostArk:

- Limited information available (only the Korean version).

- There is no western release date announced.

Play soon Lost Ark Closed Beta

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  1. Lisa April 16, 2019 at 5:20 AM -

    I love this game.

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