Loong: Interview with Sikyu Community Manager

We have had an opportunity to interview Sikyu, Community Manager for Loong. This new title promises to be a very good one and we have learned lot of things about it.

First of all, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Answer: My name is Sikyu, I am the Community Manager for Loong: The Power of the Dragon.

How would you describe Loong in a few words?

Loong is a stunningly beautiful game packed with action, daily events and numerous ways to individualize your character. This game brings west the best of what Asia has to offer in the gaming industry. We want Loong to be a breath of fresh air in a crowded MMORPG market.

Why the name ‘Loong: the power of the dragon’?

“Loong” is the Chinese word for Dragon. And in Chinese mythology, Dragons stand for all that is good and powerful. They are the invisible forces which bring luck and fortune to the deserving.

What do you expect from the game? Do you think it will be a great hit?

We expect a lot from Loong. Though it is a free to play game, its graphics rival some of the triple A titles presented at the E3 this year. Its gameplay is straightforward and accessible, meant to be enjoyed by both casual and hardcore gamers.

Why do you think that Loong is different from the rest of MMOs in the market?

First, Loong is a free to play game. You do not need to buy it, or pay a monthly fee – you get to enjoy the entire game for free. And though some Asian games raked in a bad reputation for their “grind” factor, Loong has none of that. The levelling curve is smooth and there are many ways to gain experience, each tailored for a different gaming style.

Talk us about its story. What is there in the world of Loong?

Loong takes place in Ancient China and is heavily rooted in Chinese mythology. Player will meet important historical figures which they can choose to help, or hinder. Cities and regions were also based on historical and legendary places. Some pets and mounts were based on mythical Chinese creatures, as were many weapons and equipments.

Many of the original Chinese names were kept so that players might learn a bit of Chinese history as they play along. Each faction, for example, is named after very important leaders and people of China.

Could you go deeper on weapons and why there aren’t classes?

Loong offers versatility. Classes restrict players to certain roles: fighters are tanks, mages are dps. In Loong, players are much more flexible, going from tank to healer in the middle of battle if they so wish – which makes creating a balanced group much easier. This way you also avoid class stereotypes and prejudices.

As for the weapons, they go hand in hand with the talent trees. There are a total of seven weapons, sword, sabre, polearm, bow, zither, glove, and totem. The glove and totem are unique in that you can use them for all three magical talent trees. The other weapons all have a specific, and extensive, talent tree.

What about skill and talent trees?

Players will learn skills by distributing points in their talent trees. You can specialize in two different weapon trees and the Battle tree. During combat, players who have two weapons equipped will be able to switch from one to the other with no delay, simply by using their skills.

For example, a player might begin the fight with a bow, then quickly switch to his sword by simply using on the skill “Flowing Zen Strike” which is the first skill in the Sword talent tree.

Can you tell us something about pets and mounts?

Loong has an extensive pet system. Players gain power from pets, the rarer the pet, the more power is gained. You can also teach you pet how to feed you potions in battle or how to collect your loot.

Mounts are pets which can transform into large beasts and carry you, and friends, across the world of Loong. You can never know how a mount will look from seeing its pet form, so it is always a surprise for players once they acquire a new mount and ride them for the first time.

Does PvP matter in Loong? What kind of PvP could we find in game?

PvP has its place in Loong. There is open PvP after level 30, though players who would rather not participate can find way to protect themselves. Guild wars are a big part of the fun; we currently have a Relic mini-game. Guilds bid on a relic, then fight to keep it under their control as other guilds try to take it for themselves.

In the future Loong will see private PvP arenas as well as city wars with up to 500 players fighting at once.

What can you say about the system requirements?

Though the graphics are incredibly detailed, Loong is meant to run smoothly on low end computers and laptops.

Front your point of view, why this game is more fun than others?

Loong is a well rounded game, with something in it for everyone. From PvP, to crafting, along with all the details such as pet levelling and regular monster events.

Finally, do you have something to say to your future players directly?

By playing Loong you are joining a fantastic and welcoming community with great guilds and players. We are planning to open a Spanish version of Loong in the upcoming months. Give Loong a try; there’s good chances you get hooked !

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