Loadout, exclusive first look video with analysis


Currently in closed beta we had a look at Loadout, the new free to play MMO third person shooter from Edge of Reality; the development team behind Mass Effect (PS3) and Dragon Age: Origins (PS3, Xbox 360) among others. The premise of the game is a fast paced, explosion happy, limb obliterating, gun-fest of a shooter where you are pitted against other players to unleash carnage through various game modes on a variety of different maps.

The main feature with Loadout is the abilitiy to design and customize your own weapons. Say what?! Yup, as you level up you’ll unlock more gadgets and weapon addons (albeit some you have to pay for with “spacebucks” that you can earn in game) and create completely unique weapons to best suit your play style. Add on top of that a number of different costumes and accessories and you can pretty much kit yourself out to be truly unique.

We had a play through the two currently available game modes “Blitz” and “Death Snatch” which offer a completely different style of play in these team based battles. Great graphics, fluid movement and more guns and guts that you can fire a Killatron 2000 mk2015 at. Go play it!

NOTE: We remember you that we still have an ongoing promotion for the game

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