Lineage II will adopt a hybrid model between monthly subscriptions and free to play

NCsoft announced an partnership with Innova, so they can manage the Free-to-Play services of Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction for Europe. Players of this title that have an active account already through NCsoft will be able to play on its current western servers.

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Meanwhile, NCSoft is planning a new hybrid economic model that fits its players. It will feature an increased content updates than the standard one, creating at the same time a new gameplay style. Further details will be revealed soon.

Goddess of Destruction opens a new chapter in which the races of Aden join their forces with the nearly extinct race of giants with the approach of the catastrophe. Accordingly, this epic battle will bring many changes on earth, which will profoundly affect each character. This extension adds 400 new weapons and armor, 60 new raid bosses, 30 new environments for hunting, new skills and more.

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