Lineage 2 has presented its new updates and events

Innova has presented new improvements and events for Lineage 2.

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The Harmony update has been implemented and with that some new quests, campaigns and skills are available, also some smaller issues were fixed.

On March 17th, Innova invites players to take part in a Saint Patrick’s Day event. It starts at 4pm GMT with a forum post that shows players three in-game places they should reach quickly in a certain order. At those places players meet a Game Master who provides them with an item or task. But they have to be quick, because access to the several stages of this event is limited to a certain number of players.

Furthermore, the Stone of Destiny will be available in the Lineage II EU in-game shop starting on the 20th of March. This will be available for the limited time of two weeks, but can be used at a later point in time. The Stone of Destiny gives players the choice to awaken as whichever of the eight Awakening classes they choose. Players without the Stone of Destiny will awaken as the character class determined by their previous choices.

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