LeKool has planned to launch Lord of Ages, on March 10th

Lord of Ages, on March 10ths a browser-based, real-time, military strategy MMO whose gameplay features, many players will find similar to games such as Caesary and Evony.

No loading time, no preparations, conquest building, resource finding, army buildup, and research speedup are all part of the various features seen in Lord of Ages.

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Xian Hu, Director of Business Development, expressed his feelings about the launch stating “We were approached by the developer of Lords of Ages to add this game to our platform. Lord of Ages is our 3rd Military-based RTS/SLG game. We already have some loyal hard core gamers who loved Caesary and Warflow, so this would be a natural extension of this Genre. Lord of Ages is set at medieval ages and it has simple and addictive gameplay. Upon the Launch of Lord of Ages and Legends of Xian’s 2nd Server , Lekool will be having Weekly sweepstakes to give away $100 cash and other prizes such as Ipad and iTouch to the top players of LeKool community.”

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