League of Legends presents a new feature, The Tribunal

Riot Games, the publisher of League of Legends, presents The Tribunal, a new trial system designed for the growing gaming community for the best experience possible.

The Tribunal encourages players to participate in peer-reviewed anonymous jurors and gives them the power to assess cases of misconduct.

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Available from the control panel account page League of Legends, The Tribunal will give participants the option of reviewing records random players. By accessing The Tribunal, the jury will have relevant information and records chat conversations and game statistics to help you make a decision and vote if you think the player in question should be punished or acquitted. If a player receives the required number of votes against, your account will be temporarily blocked automatically. Reviewers of The Tribunal who vote the same as most will be rewarded with influence (the virtual currency of League of Legends) as thanks for his service to the community. The audit team Customer Riot Games will be watching very closely the system to be fair and accurate.

"Our goal is to offer the best possible experience for our gaming community, and as the words and actions of the players have a major impact on that experience, we take very seriously any reports of abuse," said Steve Mescon, director of relationships with the community of Riot Games. "We believe The Tribunal is a very creative way to control the behavior of the players, encourages community members to moderate the behavior of people, creating a simple and fair system to comply with our rules of conduct."

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