Launch date for Forsaken World

Perfect World Entertainment Inc. today announced that Forsaken World will be launching concurrently for North American and European players on March 23, 2011.

In Forsaken World, the evil Dysil has returned to the world of Eyrda to wreck havoc on the five races that had previously united to defeat him. With the fate of Eyrda lying in the balance, players must reunite the races, seek out the lost relics of past fallen gods and rid Eyrda of Dysil once and for all.

“Forsaken World is one of our most impressive games to date. With vast devotion from our talents and contribution from our players, this game was built from the ground up with the western gamers in mind,” said Jonathan Belliss, Director of Marketing for Perfect World Entertainment, Inc. “We’re very excited to finally be releasing Forsaken World and a huge thanks goes out to our beta testing community for providing us with such great feedbacks.”

“With European players being able to enjoy German and French versions along with their North American counterparts, Forsaken World is truly a game built for and by western gamers,” said Phil White, Director of Operations for Perfect World Europe B.V.




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