Land of Chaos Online has announced that the Final Round of the East vs. West Tournament begins on June 25

Burda:ic, has unveiled today the date for the final round of the “East vs. West Tournament,” a massive contest of the RTS Action MMO, Land of Chaos Online.

For the last two months, LOCO’s top teams, representing the finest players across the European and North American communities, have battled it out to represent the West in the final rounds. Beginning this Saturday, June 25th, those teams will go to war with their Eastern rivals, doing battle against the most powerful competitors from LOCO’s Russian servers.

The East vs. West final rounds, which include both 3v3 and 5v5 matches, will last for three weeks, after which the last two teams remaining will compete in the superfinals, for their shot at LOCO’s biggest awards, which are valued at over $4,000 – including $2,000 in cash prizes. The finals will be broadcast live and available via streaming video through a number of sources.
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