KurtzPel Closed Beta Steam Giveaway

kurtzpel Steam Closed Beta Giveaway
KurtzPel Closed Beta Steam Giveaway

F2P.com and KOG have teamed up to score you these nice Closed Beta access to the last game for KOG on Steam is KurtzPel this Closed Beta Keys are valid ww.

IMPORTANT: The codes will be add today 22 Feb at 20h CET, use a real email there are some domains are blocked like yahoo, some .ru some .pl ...

Please see below for the CBT Schedule:
[North America Region]
Feb 20th 16:00 ~ Feb 24th 16:00 (Pacific / Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Etc.)
Feb 20th 18:00 ~ Feb 24th 18:00 (Central / Iowa, Illinois, Manitoba, and Etc.)
Feb 20th 19:00 ~ Feb 24th 19:00 (Eastern / New York, Toronto, and Etc.)

[South America Region]
Feb 20th 21:00 ~ Feb 24th 21:00 (Chile, Argentina, and Etc.)
Feb 20th 22:00 ~ Feb 24th 22:00 (Brazil [São Paulo])

[Europe Region]
Feb 21st 00:00 ~ Feb 25th 00:00 (United Kingdom / Portugal)
Feb 21st 01:00 ~ Feb 25th 01:00 (Germany / Italy / Spain)
Feb 21st 03:00 ~ Feb 25th 03:00 (Russia [Moscow] / Turkey)

[ASIA/OC region]
Feb 21st 07:00 ~ Feb 25th 07:00 (Thailand / Vietnam / Indonesia / Malaysia)
Feb 21st 08:00 ~ Feb 25th 08:00 (China / Singapore / Philippines)
Feb 21st 09:00 ~ Feb 25th 09:00 (South Korea / Japan)
Feb 21st 11:00 ~ Feb 25th 11:00 (Australia)

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Step 2. Complete the captcha, then add your email to the field above (beside the “Get Your Key” button). You can only sign up once for this giveaway. If it's the first time you use our system please check your email to validate it and add again the same mail in the field above.

Step 3. Go to STEAM and finde KurtzPel or go to the website for KurtzPel.

Step 4. Select ” Redeem Closed Beta Code in the Register Key on Steam.

NOTE: Unfortunately ad blockers may interfere with our site. If you have any issues claiming a key, please disable them and try again or add our website to the list of allowed websites.

KurtzPel is a 3rd Person, Anime-Inspired, Action Battle Game created by KOG, the developers of Grand Chase and Elsword Online.

You can enjoy various 2vs2 PvP Modes queued up by a smart, automated match-making system.

Or, you can embark upon a larger-than-life, raid style, quest driven battle system against big, bad boss monsters.

In KurtzPel, classic action game dynamics are enabled when players empower their characters with 2, separate jobs (Karma) that can be used interchangeably.


• Numerous PVP modes including Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Conquest

• Epic PVE: Fight important enemies in the KurtzPel universe and discover the story of KurtzPel by interacting with Hero NPCs.

• Character Customization: Select your personality and provide appearance options depending on your selection to lessen the difficulty of selecting your character’s appearance.

• Weapon Switching System: Play as either a breaker or slayer and switch at any time during the battle.

• Costume System: Weapon, Costume, accessories (Shoes, Gloves, and 10 other slots), and dye system to customize the look of your characters even more.

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