Koram Games has presented its new MMORTS: Indomitus

Koram Games have just revealed Indomitus, a new free-to-play browser-based MMORTS with a focus on massive battles, city building and heroic leadership.

Confirmed for beta release on June 13th, Indomitus promises a unique guild system and more combat features than other games on the market.

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In the shattered lands of ancient Europe, Indomitus allows you to unleash your inner barbarian and storm through the continent in the conquest for absolute domination. In a saturated market of browser games with recurring themes, Indomitus is set to make a massive impact by striking a perfect balance between town management and massive army combat, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

While most MMORTS games place you behind a city interface half of the time, Indomitus plunges you straight into a deep RPG experience. You are the commander; meaning you want to ravage the lands as Supreme Overlord Bjongard. Indomitus promises more combat modes than any previous browser-based strategy game: real time city sieges, historical battles, bandit raids, PvP face-offs, guild battles, and more. There's a variety of battle options ready and waiting for you to attack.

You can choose from a variety of nine allegiances to join when wrecking your way across Europe with your fellow tribe members. Social interaction is garnered through visceral combat. You must become indomitably allied, or be totally dominated. Indomitus also boasts a surrender option, which allows you to carry on playing even after defeat. Never again will defeat automatically require you to restart.

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