Knight Online has recreated the city of Moradon

GamersFirst has announced today that Moradon, the capital city of the hugely popular Knight Online episodic MMORPG, has risen from the ashes to be completely redesigned.

The new questing and trading hub has been treated to a graphical overhaul and reflects a permanent architecture change. Following the onslaught of Pathos, God of chaos, as detailed in the events of Knight Online Forever chapter 8, the home-city of Moradon has sprung up renewed and revitalized.

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Knight Online is a fantasy MMORPG driven by story-driven updates and furious player-verses-player (PvP) combat where players battle to gain favor within the lands of Carnac. Gamers can side with either the El Morad or take up the cause of the Karus and pick one of four distinct character classes: the bold Warrior, the cunning Rogue, the wise Priest or the intellectual Mage. Players can wage wars and siege castles, and even gain the ultimate position on honor as King of your faction.

“As the story of Knight Online unfolds, so must the people and the cities of Carnac. And Moradon is no different,” said Joseph Willmon, Associate Director of Operations for GamersFirst. “With all the destruction that Pathos caused, it seemed poetic to rebuild the home city in the design and style of our most staunch game supporters”

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