King of Kings 3 has released a new expansion Divine Rebirth

King of Kings 3 has released a new expansion, 'Divine Rebirth', which will allow players to enjoy an increase to the maximum level to 215, new maps, missions, and instances.

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With the expansion, players will be able to use powerful new Divine Skills, which allow them to combine components to create unique skills never seen before. The new Artefact tool lets players combine skills of other classes, giving them a higher level of customisation than ever before.

In addition as a novelty to the game the War Engines have arrived. Construct and maintain one of three fully customisable vehicular weapons that will bring the pain to your enemies during PvP wars. The Ballista, Tank and Battering Ram are your long-range, mid-range and short-range keys to victory and destruction against enemies or even other War Engines in battle.

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