Karma Online: Prisoners of Dead releases tomorrow a new content update

Joymax, is celebrating the first month anniversary of Karma Online: Prisoners of the Dead with a new content update.

Starting October 18, players can visit the historical Cappadocia, armed with new weapons while playing new characters.

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With the update 2 new maps are added to the game, the loading docks, and Capadoccia. The loading docks will challenge players with multiple hiding spots, both for allies and foes to be sitting, waiting for an ambush. On the other hand you can stroll around the Turkish region of Cappadocia, a map modeled off of real world geography.

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Two new characters will be added to the ranks of Axis and Allies: Ahmet Kurtulus a fanatical Turkish soldier, and Dominic Williams, an American patriot.

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The new game content includes an AI mode for the Deathmatch system that allows the players and clans to practice teamwork and strategies. The clan matching system allows for players of equal skill level to be paired together for the most intense clan matches to be seen in the game yet. The last addition is the Gatcha shooting range, which allows players to obtain at random rare and unique weapons that are permanent.

Finally multiple weapons have been added or updated, including the Madsen, Johnson, and a full gold weapons line including the MP40, STG44, and Kar98k. The cash shop now also stocks the AKS-74, CAMO M4A1, and the popular Karabella.

"KARMA continues to grow in a global market, and we're excited to be reaching out to our players in Turkey and other regions," said Joymax CEO, Nam-chul Kim. "We've proven Prisoners of the Dead is a truly international service that keeps pace with the most demanding FPS users."

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