Kapi Hospital Tower 2 update

Kapi Hospital Tower 2 update
Kapi Hospital Tower 2 update

Upjers, developer and publisher of popular online games, continues to further develop the App Kapi Hospital Tower 2: Now there is a second tower where wellness customers can be treated.

Fango, face mask, steam bath and whirlpool - after such a treatment you feel really fit again right away. This is what the players of Kapi Hospital Tower 2 (https://en.upjers.com/kapi-hospital-tower) can now offer their patients. Once their aches and pains have been successfully cured in the first Kapi Hospital, the players send them via a water slide to the new feature of the gaming app, the Wellness Oasis. Here, the players provide an all-round feel-good treatment.

The new wellness area is a great opportunity for extra earnings in Kapi Hospital Tower 2. Clever hospital managers should take advantage of this opportunity. The wellness oasis has up to six floors: Fango, face masks, bar, relaxation room, steam bath and whirlpool. On each floor there is initially one treatment place - two more can be added later.

Accessories for the wellness treatments can be manufactured in three new pharmacies. The player then collects special wellness points from the satisfied patients. With them new treatment slots and wellness utensils can be bought.

Some patients desire even more wellness treatments, they take advantage of them simply successively and happily leave the wellness area afterwards.

The new wellness feature in Kapi Hospital Tower 2 - Try it out now and feel good!

About Kapi Hospital Tower 2

The famous browser game Kapi Hospital was the inspiration for this hospital gaming app by upjers. A first version of the mobile game was completely redesigned and Kapi Hospital Tower 2 was relaunched in July 2020 with many extras like a friends feature, research options and emergency missions. Just like in the previous versions, this app also features patients with funny aches and pains and just as creative healing methods. Because laughter is known to be the best medicine.

Source: Upjers - Kapi Hospital Tower 2

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