Kapi Hospital Tower 2 on Play Store

Kapi Hospital Tower 2 on Play Store

Upjers launch Kapi Hospital Tower 2 on Play Store un the US market. Kapi Hospital Tower 2 is the mobile version for Kapi Hospital free to Play Browser based game.

🩺 Kapi Hospital Tower 2 🏥 Become the chief of medicine! 👩‍⚕️ video here on F2P.com

More about Kapi Hospital Tower 2

Become the Chief of Medicine

What's going on here? Your waiting room is jam-packed with the most unusual patients in the world, suffering from exotic maladies such as milk beards, work allergies and boards in their faces. It's no wonder! After all, in the humorous hospital game app Kapi Hospital Tower 2, you'll face the greatest challenges medicine has faced in decades.

Open your own clinic and turn it into an imposing hospital complex one step a a time. Heal patients, hire doctors, and manage the minutiae of the daily grind, increase your profits and expand your building to the heavens with many new floors. Over the course of the crazy doctor game app Kapi Hospital Tower 2, you'll get the opportunity to make use of countless features, which include:

  • Numerous customization options that are expanded with every level you reach. Treat your patients in special rooms such as orthopedics, operation rooms, cardiology and general medicine.

  • Break rooms for your doctors to keep morale high and give your staff a breather

  • Diverse possibilities of improving your patients' treatment in the hospital game app, for example the observation room and the chief of medicine treatment

  • Production areas for medication and medical equipment. Doctor game app workshops include the special optician, therapy workshop and toy manufactory

  • Lovingly-detailed quirky graphics

  • Intuitive controls to mange your hospital game app

  • Long-lasting doctor game app fun in a truly crazy setting

Kapi Hospital Tower 2 – Begin your Hospital Career

Open your own hospital now! Download the crazy hospital game app and start treating your first patients. Discover the playful world of Kapi Hospital Tower 2. Expand your building with lots of new floors. Prove your medical skill in the doctor game app, hire skilled professionals, supply equipment and medicine and improve your clinic's reputation. Experience the fun! After all, laughter is the best medicine. Get the wacky hospital game app Kapi Hospital Tower 2 and get started!

Source: Upjers - Kapi Hospital - Kapi Hospital Tower 2

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