Juggernaut has launched today its first addon, Era of Strongholds

Mail.RU Games has launched today Era of Strongholds, the first Add-on for their Free-to-play MMORPG, Juggernaut.

Era of Strongholds is now completely available in North America and offers players all-new content.

This content update raises the maximum level to 35 and extends this Dark Fantasy browser game by several new features, fractions and locations.

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The Heretics - Dark Magic of Outcasts - In the gloomy world of Hardan, little things can distress the surviving warriors, Demonology is one such example. Even more horrific than the rumors of the ghastly forces whispered at night, is the real personification of all dark spine-chillers, the demonologist Wargula. This greatest master of the Black Magic teaches daredevil adventurers powerful spells which turn their opponents forever into dangling wrecks. The spell is a true punishment for opponents where a ball is chained to the victim's feet constricting him or her for hours. On the other hand, magic ointments are able to strengthen the players giving them virtually demonic powers. The heretics not only specialize in magical tricks but also possess malicious weapons: their crossbows are equipped with poisonous arrows that make everyone who is shot lose a great deal of their power and fighting skills. Only truly worthy warriors with high reputation can get access to heretics' knowledge. To obtain precious items, the players can visit the abbeys of the demonologists in the Fortress of Alienation as well as in the Settlement of Exiles.

Eimenzia Island - War of Amazons - Considered to belong to the realm of legends for a long time, Era of Strongholds reveals the secret around the existence of Eimenzia Island - a green island with a fertile soil which is inhabited only by Amazons. Brave warriors plunge themselves into adventure to gather new experiences. After just arriving to Eimenzia, they get entangled in a family feud: Shayla-ann and Anais-ann, sisters and rulers of the Amazons, were torn apart in childhood causing them to split the tribe in two groups. Players take sides with the good-natured Anais-ann and help her to overthrow Shayla-ann who would stop at nothing to stay in power. Rare armors and artifacts await the brave heroes in the new instances Tschius Temple Ruins and Tantal's Cave. The ones who win the battle will increase their prestige among the inhabitants of Eimenzia and gain exclusive items.

Juggernaut -Era Of Strongholds New Features

- Profession: Blacksmith and shields now available as an equipment item
- New PvP battlegrounds: Aridan Cavern and Forest of Perdition
- Fight skill: assault blocking
- Clan housing with new clan features: more potential clan members, clan event calendar and clan notifications
- Alchemist's lab for guilds
- In-game weddings in the Temple of Love
- In-game casino

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