JoyoPark Games has released the 7th server of Crystal Saga

JoyoPark Games has released the 7th server of Crystal Saga, named Demon Grasp, that comes with some new activities.

Now you can join this PVP server to start another adventure in the mystical world of Vidalia.

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A wide range of special abilities in multiple classes and its extensive PVP modes will bring the game's thrilling combat to life. You could unlock your soul, earn the special aura or equip with fantastic wings to fight for honor.

New updates and activities includes:

- New Quests Added: The level cap is increased from 80 to 100. A slew of new quests, a completely new continent, a new dungeon, and a variety of new equipment, and so much more will be available with this level raise.
- Frosty Encounters: Visit the Quartermaster to receive a special Frost buff. When attacking, this buff has a 10% chance to trigger an Arctic Blast. This Arctic Blast, found in select Celestial Fragarach weapons, deals damages to all surrounding monsters each second that is equivalent to 65% of potential attack damage, ultimately lasting for 8 seconds.
- Celestial Fragarach: Kill bosses to forge the legendary weapon which offers unique attributes and skills.
- Bounty Hunting: Zabuga has stolen numerous jewels and gems from the Starglade Vault, forcing Starglade officials to impose a bounty on him. Defeat Zabuga to receive a handful of gems straight from the Starglade Vault.
- Taste of VIP: Go see the VIP Agent to try out VIP for 3 days for free.

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