Joymax has announced the launch of the open beta of SilkRoad-R

Joymax, has announced a rebirth of the Silkroad universe with the upcoming launch of Silkroad-R.

Silkroad-R is based in the universe of the hugely popular Silkroad Online game, also from Joymax, and will offer an evolved experience with faster leveling in a cleaner game environment and additional content for improved balance between tribes and classes, while also offering an experience completely independent from the original Silkroad Online.

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"Silkroad-R is a new start for the Silkroad franchise, while still allowing our community to have its choice of playing either Silkroad-R or the original Silkroad Online independently," said Joymax CEO, Nam-chul Kim. "Silkroad-R offers improvements across the board with everything from improved balancing and level design, growth and skill points to a totally revamped user interface and much more that players will experience next week when they get a sneak peek during the Open Beta!"

Silkroad-R will go into Open Beta next week and will be celebrated with multiple events, with great prizes, including Silkroad bingo, and several special level-up events.

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