Jagex has presented 2 new teaser trailers of 8Realms

Jagex Games Studio has presented 2 new teaser trailers for 8Realms, the new social empire-building strategy game, that will launch on 5th May 2011.

In 8Realms players grow their empires from humble village to glorious dominions through eight ages of history. As players develop their settlement they will vie with others for control of precious resources, defend their interests against vicious hordes and research new technologies to ultimately reign supreme.

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Teaser trailer 1

Teaser trailer 2

8Realms will be available to play for free on any internet capable device, in any web browser, allowing anyone with a computer, netbook, tablet or smartphone to become masters of their empire wherever they are. 8 Realms is set to break new ground for Jagex as their first fully HTML game, accessible on any device without the need for plug-ins such as Java or flash.

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