Jade Dynasty: The Imperial Citadel has been released

The latest Jade Dynasty’s content update, The Imperial Citadel, has been released. Here’s a video preview of the Imperial Citadel published today by Perfect World. Have a look!

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Starting today, Jade Dynasty players can log into the new Imperial Citadel content update to explore the new Shura Gauntlet dungeon, revamped Imperial Citadel map and a slew of new rewards. Gain Chroma Beads by completing various quests in the Imperial Citadel. Bring a party of your most powerful friends and take on the challenges the Shura Gauntlet has to offer. Gain increasingly better rewards from the various faction representatives that watch on as you fight waves upon waves of enemies. Tired of being limited to only 3 bids? With our imprioved JD-Mart, you can now bid up to 500 times! In addition to this, you'll also be able to make more informed bidding choices by seeing what others have chosen.

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