Jade Dynasty Holiday Festivities

What do the holidays mean for you? For Jade Dynasty, it means snow, holiday invasions, sought after Christmas fashion sets, and lots and lots of EXP! Start your holiday season off right with some of epic Winter items!

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Tannenbaum Fashion Set
Back by popular demand, last year's Tannenbaum fashion set makes a classy appearance for 2010. If you missed out on this hot sale last year, now's your chance to celebrate in style!

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Snow Patrol Fashion Set
Our newest fashion set, make sure you aren't caught outside without the Snow Patrol fashion set this holiday season. A perfect compliment to the Tannenbaum set, the Snow Patrol will ensure you're never left out in the cold!

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Frostland Fashion Set (Female)
Another perfect year-round option for those in the snow, the Frostland fashion set can just as easily be worn during a holiday as outside of one! Popular in colder regions, make the Frostland fashion set yours today!

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One Week of Double EXP!
What better way to spend the holidays than with faster leveling? Enjoy a gift of an entire week of double EXP from the Jade Dynasty team! This glorious week of double EXP begins Wednesday, 12/22 @ 3pm (PST) and lasts through Wednesday, 12/29 @ 3pm (PST). Stay warm while leveling up, and gain a tier (or two)!

Free Armored Rhino!
The rare Armored Rhino, normally being available only to those with 100k Courage, can now be yours for 15 days simply by playing Jade Dynasty! From now till the end of 2010, if you accumulate 40 hours or gameplay or more on your account, you'll receive an Armored Rhino (15-Day) early in 2011. Start the new year right on a rhino!

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Glacial Crate
What winter festivities would be complete without a snowman? Open the Glacial Crate (Mount/Pet - Pet), and obtain the Christmas Snowman pet, Miradrake Orb, and 10 Eera Herbs! Unlike most snowmen, this one actually fights for you and can obtain Grade 12 and Grade 18 forms!

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