Interviewing Khaled Helioui, CEO of Bigpoint


We were excited to get a chance to sit down with Khaled Helioui whilst at GamesCom, the CEO of European F2P Browser developers and publishers Bigpoint, one of the largest browser developers in Europe with a number of titles under their belt, such as Farmerama, Battlestar Galactica Online, Pirate Storm or Darkorbit. Helioui took on the CEO mantle just over a year ago when the previous CEO and founder Heiko Hubertz stepped down. Khaled Helioui is now a big name in the industry and with so much happening with both Bigpoint, the gaming industry in general and the growing success of the free to play genre it was great to be able to pick his brain and ask him some questions one on one.

In a private room at the Bigpoint booth we got to sit down with the charismatic CEO and find out what made him tick when it came to games, what he looked for in the ways of innovation and evolving the industry as well as finding that balance of running a profitable company. In an open and frank Q&A we got to see a glimmer of what it was like to see what running one of Europe’s biggest browser developer studios was like.

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