Interview With David Brevik at GDC 2015


Last week, during GDC, we talked with David Brevik, President and COO of Gazillion Entertainment, developers of Marvel Heroes 2015, to get an insight of where the games at, where it’s heading and what the company have in store for Marvel fans and players everywhere. In our interview he talks about new heroes, his experience as the Cow King in a recent event and what new updates we can hope to see soon.

Keep reading or watch the video if you want to know he had to say.

What is the current state of the game?

We have 45 different heroes and are adding stuff all the time, patching the game every single week, we have an event every single week, sometimes a unique event such as the combined Valentine’s Day Mardi Gras Lunar event all the same time. Sometimes it’s Cosmic Week with special zones where you can do new activities and these can be brought back a few times every few months. We had a big Cow King event, with every game I’ve done has always been a Cow Level, thankfully we were able to use the actual Marvel lore (the shapeshifting Skrull race that came to Earth as Cows) when I got to play as the Cow King leader controlling him for PvE, which was me just slaughtering everybody in the PVP match, there was a real funny video where I was invincible just slaughtering everybody and I couldn’t stop laughing, tears rolling down the face, it so unfair but so funny.

Will you change the name to Marvel heroes 2016 next year?

I think it will be later this year, before the end of the year, but yes the plan is to continue to rebrand the product because it’s a game as a service where we’re constantly updating and putting in new content. Traditionally when you made an MMORPG or a game like this you would put your content into a box or expansion and sell it for $50 or whatever. We don’t be that, as free to play we give it all away, so as the content is ready we put it out, which means we don’t get the chance to get the coverage with a new review so the 2016 represents our ability to say it’s been a year and there has been a whole bunch of changes.

What will we see new in the game this year?

There’s a bunch of new things will be doing, we’ve not talked about a lot of them, we have achievements, we have a bunch of things for [the new Avengers movie Age of] Ultron , we have big plans for the anniversary, stuff we’ve talked about for a long time and we’re addressing things like PVP and making it a better game. We also have another raid, new types of items that are going to be coming out this year, a big revamp on the Team-Ups and make them more robust with deeper gameplay; that is coming very soon. We’re changing some of the story to allow players to play with each other in a much easier fashion so that there is a lot more co-operation across the game. We’re really excited about them and the game will continue to improve. Also, every month there is a new hero and at least one new Team-Up, we also have four heroes that haven’t been touched since the launch of the game that we’ll be revamping and then actually go back to start working on some of the bosses and making them more interesting.

What new heroes will arrive this year?

We’ve announced a pretty thorough list of the ones that were going to be adding this year such as Dr Doom, War Machine, Kitty Pryde, She-Hulk, Vision and more that you can check on the website. We have no dates as the internal dates change constantly, but these are the next ones that we’re focusing on.

What’s in the hat for the long-term future?

The game will last for a long time and there’s so much that we can do with the [it] still, stories we can tell, places we can go, events that can occur; we’re really looking forward to the future of Marvel Heroes. This is my first opportunity in my career to make a game as a service, a live game that I can continue to update and I’m really enjoy it. I personally get on and play and stream playing, me and my wife play, players can ask questions and I love the interactive development. So right now the plans are to keep doing what we’re doing!

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