Interface update and new weapons for Combat Arms

Combat Arms is releasing two new tactical system updates to the game’s interface: an achievement system and a messenger display. These new in-game tools are a part of the Combat Arms January content update. Players will also be able to purchase the TRG-21 and TRG-SE, the latest weapons available in the Combat Arms arsenal. These long-barreled, high-impact sniper rifles will be available for purchase with gear points (GP), providing just one more way for long-distance combat specialists to dispatch their targets.

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The achievement system tracks players’ in-game accomplishments and rewards them with medals, giving players one more method to win the respect and pride of their peers. Ranging from killstreak awards to headshot records to a tally of the total number of explosives a player disarms, the new achievement system gives soldiers a new way to enjoy the visceral gameplay experience of Combat Arms.

The addition of the messenger system to the Combat Arms interface will allow soldiers to covertly establish communiqué outside of the in-game chat arena, providing an alternate method of tactical planning between players. Now soldiers and clan leaders will be able to effectively deliver privileged information to each other, eliminating the risk of calculated enemy subterfuge.

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