InnoGames Christmas special events

InnoGames Christmas special events

Today InnoGames announced a number of Christmas specials throughout its games. All players should keep an eye on their accounts during the holidays, as there is much to discover.

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Some of the highlights are the unlockable weapons and costumes in Bounty Hounds Online – by finding Santa’s Christmas cookies and tannenbaum stars, characters can be equipped with candy dual blades, snowball machine guns and reindeer costumes.

But there are more presents to come: Grepolis and WestWars will end their Christmas calendars with very special surprises – not to be opened until December 24.

The West even introduced a Holiday Item shop. Until January 6, players can buy presents and obtain some of the rarest items available in the game.

The Tribal Wars players opened their gift a little earlier this year: A free iPhone App to plan, build and fight wherever they go.

Lastly, Lagoonia offers a chance to spend the holidays on the beach of a tropical island, far away from cold weather and crowded shopping malls – ideal conditions for grinches and gamers with winter blues.

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