Hi-Rez Studios has unveiled the start date of its Open Beta and has presented a major content update for Tribes: Ascend

Hi-Rez Studios is going to release a major content update to the fast-action multiplayer shooter Tribes: Ascend in advance of starting Open Beta this Friday, February 24.

All player progress and unlocks will be preserved with no planned character wipes.

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The patch of this week will include:

- New gametype, Arena Deathmatch, with two initial maps
- New Capture The Flag map, Temple Ruins
- New Team Deathmatch map, Inferno
- Two new unlockable items for the Soldier class: Proximity Grenade and Utility Pack
- New default suits for Doombringer and Brute
- Ability to view either Blood Eagle or Diamond Sword skins from Class menu
- Service supporting Name Change
- Large number of bug-fixes and balance adjustments.

“The Tribes: Ascend Closed Beta has exceeded our expectations”, says Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios Chief Operating Officer. “Over 300,000 players participated in the closed beta and the game has improved greatly based on community feedback. We are now excited to launch Open Beta this Friday. We have expanded capacity in North America, Europe, and Australia and added new local servers to support growing communities in Brazil and Asia.”

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