HEX Releases Shattered Destiny


The second card set for HEX: Shards of Fate arrives today to the game. In addition to 200 new playable cards, Shattered Destiny also introduces five new heroes, the new tunneling feature and additional skills.

'Tunneling' gives players the ability to play cards concealed, preventing the opponent from seeing their special abilities and making it difficult for them to react, an element from the physical card games. For example, The ‘Subterranean Spy’ card can be used to spy on the opponent’s hand without them knowing about it.


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Further skills making their appearance with the new set are improved defence against flying creatures, as well as further options for knocking out enemy units directly.

Certain cards are also getting the chance to be socketed twice. As previously, socketing cards can give them further abilities, thus massively expanding the options available for personalising the cards in a collection. The five new heroes further increase the range of possible character skills, making it even easier to mould a deck to suit individual playing styles.

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