HEX Exclusive Sig Decks and ROCCAT Items Giveaway

HEX Exclusive Sig Decks and ROCCAT Items Giveaway


Get ready for an epic HEX giveaway, starting today! In colaboration with Gameforge, we are giving our European users a chance to win the new HEX signature decks and some nice ROCCAT items. Participate and you'll have to opportunity to win one of the following items:

- Yotul Burn HEX Signature Deck
- Pathfinder HEX Control Signature Deck
- Ardent Assault HEX Signature Deck
- All 3 HEX signature decks
- ROCCAT Kulo headset
- ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical mouse

We got two of each, so there will be 12 winners. To be elegible to win, you must live in Europe. Winners will be announced on Monday, October 31, 2016. We'll contact with the winners to ask for the information required for them to receive the prize.

In order to participate you simply need to head to Twitter, follow us and then use the hashtag #F2PSIGNATURE

If you don't have a HEX account, sign up through this link or the "Play" button you'll find below.


HEX giveaway image

The new HEX signature decks replace the old Starter Decks. These new decks are a pre-built, competitive decks created by some of the most experience deck-builders in the HEX community.

The Yotul Burn deck has been designed by Jeff Hoogland. It's focused on attack, maximing every point of damage, and features aggressive troops and actions.

The Pathfinder Control deck has been designed by TCG analyst Varranis. It allows players to maneuver their opponents by using countermagic and damage mitigation. It's been built around comboing a Replicator’s Gambit on a prophesied Starlight Pathfinder.

The Ardent Assault deck has been designed by Chris VanMeter. It's an aggresive deck that uses the troops and synergies of the Ardent faction.

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