Herotopia is going to be published by Jagex

Jagex Games Studio, today announced that they have entered into a world-wide partnership with Herotainment, a New York-based children’s media company, to publish Herotopia, the award-winning social online game for children.

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Herotopia is a new browser based multiplayer online game and community where children become their own superheroes and explore real and fantasy locations around the world. Herotopia offers an engaging and entertaining environment where players can complete thrilling quests, make new friends, build their own secret hideout and show off their newfound superpowers.

Within this new partnership, Herotopia will re-launch this summer with a new look and added features, opening the world of superheroes to kids around the globe.

Wendy Rosenthal, Chief Brand Officer for Jagex said: “We are delighted to partner with Herotainment as they have created an enthralling virtual world which provides kids with a fun and enjoyable experience they can make their own. Herotopia offers huge customisation of characters, secret hideouts and pets, whilst also offering educational content in a safe environment which will appeal to the superhero in everyone.”

Caryn and Wade Teman, Co-CEO’s of Herotainment said: “Jagex has tremendous expertise in online gaming and distribution and we are very excited to partner with them to bring Herotopia to kids all over the world.”

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