Heroes of Gaia announces his next expansion, Ascension

SNAIL GAMES USA today announced the next expansion of Heroes of Gaia will launch on March 10th, 2011. The expansion, called "Ascension" will add an enormous amount of new content and features to what is already one of the deepest browser MMOs available today.

Heroes of Gaia: Ascension calls upon players to rise up and conquer the immense challenges placed before them and acheive new levels of power that were never before possible.
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Some of the main features of Heroes of Gaia: Ascension include:

-Raised Fame Levels - Five new Fame levels for players to achieve. The Immortal, Doom Messenger, Death Messenger, Lord of Chaos, and Lord of Order.
- New Elite-level Co-op Instances - Players can team up and do battle in two new high-level instances. Players must defeat the first level for a chance to gain access to the second, and defeating both will results in epic gear drops.
- Mercenary Heroes - Players and Guilds can hire temporary Heroes to fight on their behalf and seige enemy Castles.
- New "Command Style" System - Players can choose their own path by selecting a primary focus of development in their Castles. Militant, Prolific, or Preventative will allow them to choose between training troops faster, increased resource production, or reduce the effects of attack respectively.

"This is only the first of two major expansions we have planned for Heroes of Gaia," says Snail Games USA Director of Operations Mark Hill. "We have an extremely dedicated group of players on HoG, and we are proud to offer them these new and exciting ways to experience the game."

In addition, the Heroes of Gaia: Ascension expansion includes:
- A Vagabond Camp that players can visit every day to obtain valuable items.
- Equipment Sundering and Enchanting, which allows players to split their gear into various base materials, and choose their own gear bonuses.
- A new Castle building upgrade which gives players the power to carry more troops into combat with each new level.
- Rebellion Quashing system that allows Guilds to put down rebellions against Capitols they own.
- Redesigned tutorial and adjustment of Novice Gift pack allowing new players to more easily gain the skills and equipment they need to compete.

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